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Here's L. L. Owens at age 4, when her lifelong love for books was just beginning!

L. L. Owens is the author of 85+ books and stories for young readers. Featured below are two of her YA nonfiction releases and a slideshow of her in-print titles. Explore the rest of the site to learn more!

Featured Titles

The Great Chicago Fire gives the middle-grade audience an exciting overview of the devastating three-day conflagration from the first smoke sighting to the peak of the deadly fire to the lasting controversy about how it started (and who was to blame).

Also included are survival stories, a look at how the city literally rose up from the ashes, and fascinating period images, such as maps and artworks depicting the fire and the city's response to it.

Benjamin Franklin delves into the life and times of America's most fascinating Founding Father.

Children's Bookwatch says:

"Written for young adults, Benjamin Franklin includes an extensively researched accounting of Franklin's life, timelines, a selected bibliography, glossaries, source notes by chapter, an "essential facts" overview of each topic, black-and-white and color illustrations, and much more. A user-friendly resource enthusiastically recommended for classroom use and school or public library collections."

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