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Lisa L. Owens

books for children and young adults

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Featured Reviews

American Justice:

Seven Famous Trials of the 20th Century


There's enough drama in the seven famous trials described in this entry in the Cover-to-Cover series to ensure that young readers won't want to put this book down. Without sensationalizing, Owens paints a vivid, sometimes horrific picture of the criminal mind at its worst.

Black Beauty and The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Stone Arch Books features an outstanding series of graphic novel adaptations for classic stories that have been entertaining young readers for generations. Author Lisa L. Owens in particular has two new and simply outstanding additions to this wonderfully entertaining and beautifully illustrated series. No school or community library should be without a complete set.

The Code of the Drum

Jacob McCoy has just learned of his father’s death and yearns to continue to fight for the Union cause. Denied permission to do so by his mother, the 12-year-old sneaks off and joins his father’s regiment as a drummer boy. Owens [presents] an adventurous and interesting story. Large print and black-and-white reproductions and drawings on almost every page give the book an open, inviting look. Emerging and struggling readers will enjoy it.


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